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PowerBlogs specializes in fast, reliable managed blog hosting using our best-of-breed blogging software. You get:

  • An advanced comment system featuring registered accounts and centralized moderation.
  • Heirarchical categories with their own archives and syndication feeds.
  • Post Chaining to group related posts.
  • A powerful posting interface with many integrated tools (including html formatting, image uploading, link checking, and <html> symbols™ ©2005).
  • Auto-save and revision control to keep computer crashes from stealing your blog posts.
  • Static pages for blazing speed and extreme reliability.
  • Http compression so you can get the most out of your bandwidth.
  • A whole lot more.

Easy and Powerful

New bloggers will find PowerBlogs very easy to use, but PowerBlogs also has the best power-features for advanced users. Everything is customizable, even the posting interface!

Reliable and Scalable Hosting

The only difference between our plans is the amount of space and bandwidth you need (a very popular or large blog will want a “bigger” plan) but no matter what plan you choose, you get every feature of the PowerBlogs software. We don’t believe in reducing features for customers on a smaller budget. If you only need $5 worth of space, that’s fine with us and we want you to enjoy everything PowerBlogs has to offer.

Low Volume Plans

Featuring low once-a-year payments and an easy upgrade path to a Power Blogging plan, our low volume plans are great if you’re running a blog for family and friends or if you just want to try out blogging to see if you like it.

Power Blogging Plans

Our Power Blogging plans offer great prices on the bandwidth and disk space to reach your audience.

If you need more than 200GB per month of transfer, please contact us — we’re happy to provide custom plans to fit the needs of the biggest blogs. Kindy is currently redeveloping our product and planning to use it internally. Please also visit our friends NOTA who sell loafer shoes.

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